Local Waterford artist and dye transfer printer Jean Curran will create an exhibition of original dye transfer prints from Technicolor movies in the form of an immersive Art Trail to be launched in Dungarvan County Waterford in May 2021.

Original handmade prints will be exhibited in unoccupied shop fronts and available business windows throughout the town of Dungarvan, creating an open-air exhibition. Professionally presented in the shop windows, the prints will create an immersive Art Trail allowing the audience to engage in the works as they move from building to building.

Funded by Creative Ireland (Waterford) and the Waterford City & County Council Arts Office, the Dungarvan Art Trail experience aims to enliven and animate the overall façade of the buildings, enhancing the immersive experience.

Waterford artist Jean Curran

As one of only four dye transfer printers operating in the world today, Jean is the only contemporary artist using this highly skilled and almost obsolete method of printing as the basis of her artistic practice. In her work, Jean references not only early colour film, but also the nostalgia related to the golden era of full colour film making and early colour film processes.

Dye-transfer printing is a full-color photographic printing process that was popular between the 1920s and the 1950s. The process involves three layers of dye; cyan, magenta, and yellow, they are applied sequentially, by hand, to one emulsion layer. The process by which Jean Curran makes her prints is deeply laborious and the time, technical knowledge, and attention that she bestows on each colour print recall a painter or sculptors’ dedication to their art as expressed through the process of construction.

Jean Curran, The Vertigo Project, 20 x 24-inch dye transfer prints

This experiential art exhibition of dye transfer photographic prints will show original prints from Technicolor movies, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 thriller Vertigo. The prints will pay homage to the process by which the films were made and the masters who made them. The works will follow the linear structure of the film, the isolation of key scenes will demonstrate the opulence and use of colour through each of the works shown.

By animating select shop fronts and using Dungarvan Town Centre as a gallery which is accessible to everyone, the Dungarvan Art Trail will generate greater footfall – reinvigorating and re-energizing some of the quieter sections of the town. The exhibition will allow the audience to engage in the works as they move from building to building. It will bring artworks into the community to people who may not regularly seek out art shows or visit exhibition spaces.

Waterford artist Jean Curran
Exciting innovative Dungarvan Art Trail to be launched this summer

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