January 2018 felt like the longest month ever and for many employees who patiently waited for their monthly pay check to appear it must have felt like 62 days in the month instead of 31. Even though we are now into the second and shortest month of the year and Spring is on the horizon, it can be hard to shake off the winter blues with the miserable cold weather.

The winter blues can really affect productivity in the work place. It can be hard to get motivated and do the maximum amount of work when we are faced with a lack of sunlight with the shorter days. That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to organise a fun team building activity to elevate the mood, the work atmosphere and productivity.

It has been proven that team building activities can increase collaboration between employees and management, encourage creativity and communication and therefore improving motivation and productivity in the workplace.

There are so many team building ideas that can work for any business type and size both indoor and outdoor. If you are looking for an outdoor activity, this can include a historic country or city walk, cycling at a local park or on the Greenway or a group trek up the Mountains. Outdoor games can include team sport competitions or have fun and organise a school sports day. If you feel more adventurous, how about some kayaking and water challenges at the local Adventure Centre.

A falconry experience like one with Hawkeye Falconry, Waterford, on the grounds of the grounds of the majestic Waterford Castle is an exhilarating team experience where you all get to interact with the magnificent birds of prey.

Hawkeye Falconry

Another fun team building idea is a treasure or scavenger hunt. Divide everyone into teams and set fun tasks or find hidden clues or locations within a time frame, then finish off the event with a fun award ceremony and refreshments or dinner. This can be done on the grounds of a venue or through the winding streets of a city centre.

If the weather is too cold and unpredictable for an outdoor activity, there are great indoor activities available to do. Run a team bowling or climbing wall challenge, test your skills and solve the puzzles in a Great Escape Rooms or enjoy some Grand Prix action at indoor Karting venue.

If you are looking for a more relaxing group activity, workshops can be both inspiring and confidence building like a professional developmental workshop or learn some art and craft, salsa dancing or acting skills. Try a cooking class at a local cooking school or make arrangements and collaborate with a local restaurant. Encourage everyone to cook something and end the activity with a fun dinner. Lastly, try a themed event like a murder mystery game, a racing or a casino night.

Looking for more business event ideas or if you would like to organise a team building activity for your business but don’t know where to start? Give Events by Carmel Grant a call at 086 854 1856 and arrange a free consultation. For more information, go to www.eventsbycarmel.com.

Beat the Winter Blues in Business with Team Building
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